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The Ridgeriders: Quin Etheridge-Pedden (Fiddle), Brodie Dawson (Vocals/Percussion), Tereza Tomek  (Bass) 



Elise LeBlanc + The Ridgeriders is proud to present our first live-off-the-floor music video for "The Fiddle and The Fire"! This special performance was produced by Jared Popescu + Taze Kozak at The Cumberland Studio.




Élise is based in the cozy village of Cumberland, BC - on Vancouver Island. Her music is inspired by vintage country, bluegrass, and western swing.


 Élise's lyrics focus on vulnerability, resilience, and the beauty of the simple life. Backed by her string band The Ridgeriders, her storytelling comes to life with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and upright bass.


Élise's second record was produced in Victoria, BC in May 2023, and will be released early fall 2023.  Catch her performing at festivals and concerts in and around Vancouver Island and beyond!


Élise received grants from FACTOR Canada to record and promote her debut album Runaway Kites, and was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest in 2016.

ELISE LEBLANC & THE RIDGERIDERS: The Ridgeriders first came together for a show at the Cumberland Woodstove Festival in November 2022, and they've enjoyed collaborating ever since. The 4-piece band shares a passion for western swing and classic country music. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist and seasoned performer: Tereza Tomek on upright bass, Quin Etheridge-Pedden on fiddle and mandolin, and Brodie Dawson on backup vocals and percussion. The band creates a signature retro sound with sweet old-timey harmonies.


The Ridgeriders are proud to honour the legacy and represent the contributions of women and the 2SLGBTQ+ community in country music and beyond.



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"Singer-songwriter Élise LeBlanc brings an old-world string sound to us from Vancouver, BC. “The Fiddle and The Fire” is deep-steeped in tones that conjure images of the old Southwest mixed with traditional folk and bits of Appalachia. The result is something unusual within a modern context, marrying past and present with a near-gothic sense of foreboding. Her band, The Ridgeriders, brings this tale to life via upright bass, fiddle, brushed drumming and carefully placed, stirring harmonies… if we didn’t know it was written recently, we’d swear it was a vintage folk tale."

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Oregon Music News

"...her voice captivated the room from the first song. She resonates with the English soul scene comparable to Lisa Hannigan and Adele. Look out for her new album..."

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