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The Fiddle & The Fire

Hi Friends! I hope you enjoy this exclusive free download of my record.  (MP3 DIGITAL)

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 11.31.16 AM.png

ALBUM CREDITS: All songs written by: Elise LeBlanc Produced and mixed by: Leeroy Stagger at Neighborhood Recorders, in Victoria, BC. May 2023. Mastering: Ryan Dahle Elise LeBlanc (Vocals, guitar, piano) Ali Romanow (Fiddle, viola, guitar, banjo, vocals) Brodie Dawson (Vocals) Tyler Lieb (Pedal steel, lap steel) Ryland Moranz (Mandolin, mandola) Luke Renshaw (Electric bass) Scott White (Upright bass) Matt Pease (Drums)

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Special thanks to the incredible donors & backers who funded the making of this record:

Gold Level Backers: ($1000+)

Rob Donahue

Nicole Giftopoulos

Cindy Kitchel

Rose Janelle & the Bamfield Community


Silver Level Backers ($500+)

Michael Andree


Bronze Level Backers ($100+)

Jordan LeBlanc

Amelia Vos

Kris LeBlanc

Rachelle LeBlanc & Esther Williams

Denis LeBlanc

Tessa Giftopoulos

Wendy Knudson

Wendy Houghton

Lori & Lorne Ross

Annika Bradley-Robbins

Matthew Goslin

Heidi Van Appelen

Adam Deck

Andrea Becker

Heather Moor

Ken Buckmann

Lori Kruesel

Frances Pierce

Angel Miller

Oliver O’Dea

Liza Hutton

Natasha Hobden

Napik Neill

Kristina Bradley-Robbins

Danielle Keane

Kass Harbottle

Mike Murdoch


Patron Level Backers ($50+)

Jody Vos

Judy Chaisson

Brumby Berge

Shawna Rasmus

Ashley Sykes

Scott Sidner

Brian Hicks

Cathie Hamilton

Mike Tchaplinski

Kyra York

David Maracle

Angela Willard

Mandie Buchanan

Syd Lapan

Madeline Christie

Dianne Hutton

Jane Wilde


Supporter Level Backers (Up to $50)

Taylor Cascanette



Dixie Falcos

Patricia McGibbon

John Tanner


Chris Neill

Paul Reid

Emma Mai

Katherine Lacette Diaz

Giuliana Alfano

Jeremy Gates

Alison Brook

Eliza Rinaldi

Kiley Granberg

Nathan Senner

Aaron Handford

Anna Gilliland

Tory Pritchard

Leah Iwasa

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