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Élise LeBlanc is an alt-country singer songwriter based in Cumberland, BC. (Vancouver Island). Her music is inspired by classic country, bluegrass, and western swing. Élise's lyrics are full of heart, anchored in honesty, resilience, and the beauty of the simple life. Whether backed by her string band, or going solo - her rich storytelling comes to life with pedal steel, fingerstyle guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and upright bass. 


Élise's latest record The Fiddle & The Fire has been making waves since it's release in November 2023. The album has been celebrated on the Top 10  "Best Country Music on Bandcamp" list, and featured in a recent CBC Radio interview with Marc Fournier of Radio Canada Premiere's "Culture et Confiture".  


This isn't her first rodeo. Élise has been singing her heart out since she was a young horse-crazy kid growing up in rural southern Ontario. In 2011, her music career started in earnest with the help of FACTOR Canada and the launch of her debut album Runaway Kites. While an expat living in Portland, OR, Élise was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest in 2016 for her song "Diamond Soul".

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