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Élise LeBlanc crafts intimate, earthy songs inspired by old-school country, bluegrass, and western swing. Her lyrics celebrate vulnerability, resilience, and the beauty of the simple life.

Backed by her lively string band, her storytelling comes to life with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and upright bass. Her expressive vocals hint to a bygone era, layered in hearfelt harmonies.

Élise plans to produce her next record in May 2023, and has been performing at festivals and concerts on and around Vancouver Island since 2018.


In 2013, FACTOR Canada (The Foundation for Canadian Talent on Recordings) awarded Élise with two grants to record and promote her debut album, Runaway Kites. She was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest in 2016 for her song “Diamond Soul”.


Elise's debut album Runaway Kites (2013) was funded by FACTOR CANADA and produced by Howard Redekopp & Erik Nielsen.

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